Have your baby be a twistshake baby!

I was recently contacted by a Swedish company called twistshake that makes bottles for babies!! I was asked to be their brand manager and I couldn’t be more excited since I was not impressed much by the ones I found at the store! Of course I agreed and we have been using twistshake bottle ever since and is loving it!!

There are several things I like about Twistshake…

1) not everybody has it (yet!) – making it a very unique bottle for your baby!

2) I love the sippy cup! Why? Bc it does not leak! Nope! Not at all! Their sippy cup even comes with a cap! Super classy! If you’ve looked at other sippy cup at the store, the mouth piece is on the edge… I don’t know about you.. but I am not a big fan of that… like ever! I always thought it was weird that the mouth piece is on the edge, but with twist shake, the mouthpiece is still in the middle, and with the cap covering it, you don’t need to worry about the mouthpiece getting dirty!

3) they have all kinds of colors!! And you can mix and match! They even have a hot/cold bottle where you can store the milk!

4) free shipping on orders 25 and over!!

I really do love their products! Otherwise I would not be recommending it!

Use code growingwithJax20 to get 20% off your orders!!

Cheers to the weekend! 💛💛

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