Lately with Jax

Gaaahh!! It has been extremely busy in the Li household lately!! I can’t believe October is halfway over!! What??! And Halloween is in 2 weeks??! 😮😮 After Halloween, the rest of the year really just flies by! My oh my!

It was super nice for me and the hubby to both have the weekend off so we could take our sweet Jax to the pumpkin patch!! I was afraid he wouldn’t want to wear the hat, but he actually didn’t mind it at all 😂😂 If it fell down, he would actually pick it up and give it to me so I could put it back on for him! 🤗🤗

We are learning soooo much from him day after day! He understands quite a few things, actually. Although he can’t talk quite yet, he mimics the sound of it, so we at least have an idea of what he’s talking about!

This week has been a bit extra busy for us, as I had to work an extra shift and the hubs did 24 hour calls back to back 😑😑 But things should start to calm back down a bit so we can continue to spend as much time as we can with this little boy before he grows any bigger!! 😭😭

Last, but definitely not least…. we have decided to start thinking about a second baby!! Ahh I know 🙈🙈 Just starting to think about it though! Which is a big step for us because we said we wouldn’t even worry about it until Jaxson was at least 2! So we will see what happens! I’ll keep y’all posted 😍🤗

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