Dear Jaxson…

As I sat here looking at your perfect and innocent face, I was becoming overwhelmed thinking of all the implications about society would have for you over the next first few impressionable years of your life

I think about how different the world is between the one I grew up in and the one you will be. I grew up in a world where neighbors really love each other, and make each other food. Where we can leave our house unlock and know that it will be safe. I did not seem scenes of mass shootings on TV or hear about the hate crimes in my community. Don’t get me wrong, prejudice existed, I was just not exposed to it but I am certain you will be (especially with the aid of social media).

So regardless of whatever happens, now or the future, I make these promises to you..

I am not perfect but I will do my very best every day to be an example of loving and respecting all people regardless of the color of their skin, what language they speak, their abilities or disabilities, what church they attend, or who they love .

I will show you that as a woman I am to be respected, and I am as valuable and worthy as my male counterparts

I will teach you the importance of protecting our earth for you and for your children

I will make sure you learn and understand right from wrong at home. In a world with enough hate and negativity, I truly hope you represent positivity and peace. That you will use your words to only spread love and joy!

I know the world will be very different for you, and how it might affect the America you grow up in, but I won’t let it define the man you become. ❤️



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