How we survived our 4 year long-distance relationship ❤️

Zhan and I recently celebrated our 13 year anniversary of being together! We didn’t do anything big. Actually we both had to work! Haha! And Zhan was also on call that day and so he didn’t get home until morning the next day. But before he left for work, we hugged, kissed and said ‘happy anniversary’ 😘😘.

Gaahh I can’t believe it’s been 13 years!! We started dating in junior year of high school! We graduated high school together and went to college and graduated college together as well! When we found out Zhan had to move away for med school, we were both a bit bummed out. We realized that we would have to try and do long distance. We knew that if we were meant to be together then everything would be okay. We talked and talked and talked. What we didn’t know, or I guess didn’t think it was important, was how hard it was going to be! Long distance relationships are hard!! They are sooo hard!! Oh my gosh!

I remember my first flight back after leaving Zhan. I literally could not stop crying! I’m pretty sure the guy that was siting next to me on the flight from Reno to Denver was quite concerned and/or scared of me. And of course by the time I landed in Omaha both of my eyes were super puffy! I cried and cried and cried. I even wanted to quit pharmacy school and move to Reno to be with Zhan! However, my family helped me see past the current obstacle and focus on the future. Our future. The future that we had talked and dreamed about numerous times. They helped me realize I needed to focus on my goal and just keep pushing through the obstacles.

So over the next 4 years, Zhan and I did long distance. We saw each other quite often. About once a month. I think the longest we went without seeing each other was 2 months. (Second year, third semester pharmacy school, one test per week…you know the drill 😂😂😉😉) . We also saw each other everyday via FaceTime. Even when we study, we would have each other on FaceTime and we would study on our own. It was just something about having him there…it made all the difference 😊.

We learned A LOT about our relationship. We tested our relationship to the limit and beyond! We would fight, of course we would! If he was out and about with his classmates and going to clubs, I admit I would get jealous and we would end up arguing. We learned to understand each other more and appreciate one another. We would feel very thankful when we got to see each other. Like I would look forward to seeing him every time. And I knew that he felt the same.

In the beginning it was hard, I have to admit. But like we said in the very beginning…what’s meant to be will be. And look at us now! 13 years later, after one heck of a long distance relationship and 2 states with a wonderful marriage and a beautiful baby boy. My heart is full ❤️

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