5 tips to help you stay balanced

Life is full of surprises!! Surprises can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what it is. As a full time working mom to a toddler and wife to a surgeon, it is sometimes extremely hard for me to find balance in my life. I find myself overthinking things that don’t need to be or instead not giving enough thoughts regarding a particular issue.

I have found 5 things that I can do everyday and ever since I’ve been doing them consistently, I find much more balance in my life. More balance = less stress!! I hope you’ll find these tips helpful! How have you been able to stay balanced? Feel free to share!! They are in no particular order!

  • 5 deep breaths – it sounds so simple but it is so helpful! 5 deep cleansing breaths is all you need to set your mind clear sometimes. Deep breathing is not as easy as it sounds. The breathing needs to start from your belly as you inhale all the way through your nostrils, and you should be able to feel the breath fill your belly up. Remember: just 5 deep breaths.
  • Set time for yourself – whether it be running, yoga, or Pilates, whether it’s 20 minutes or 1 hour or even 90 minutes. Whatever the time may be and whatever the exercise may be. Go do it! Do it not just for you but for your family! It will release all the stress and anxiety. I promise you will feel much better!
  • The power of prayer – I apologize in advance if this offends anyone or if you do not believe in God. I was born and raised Catholic. I believe there is a higher power above us and that he is watching over everyone. All the time. E V E R Y T IM E I come across something I’m not sure about I always pray about it, and in the end, some how, the answer will come to me and everything will work itself out!
  • Essential oils – okay so I was a little bit skeptical about essential oils at first. I kept thinking okay how much does it actually help and does it really work?? Turns out, it is amazing!! It is super relaxing especially the smell. Puts me to sleep every time! Haha! Crazy thing is, my husband uses it too and he said it has also helped him!!
  • Salute the sun – okay so my form is exercise is running and yoga. Of course the majority of the time I only have enough time to do one or the other. And so if I don’t have enough time to do all the yoga that I want, I will only do sun salutations, AKA the Surya A flow. I do a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10. One breath, one movement. Don’t think, just flow 😊😊

If you are not sure what Sun A is, I am planning on posting a video up here shortly, hopefully by the end of the day today! Let me know how these tips work for you!! And if you have any other tips on how to fine and stay balance?! Let me know! I’d love to try other things!

Thanks for reading y’all ❤️❤️. Much love 😘😘

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