5 yoga poses to help with hip pain during third trimester

I was catching up with an old friend the other night and she was complaining to me about her hip pain! She told me her doctor recommended prenatal yoga! Ahh I was so happy to hear that! Yoga is a wonderful thing! In my opinion, it is definitely one of the best thing you can do for your body! I did yoga throughout my pregnancy, up until 3 weeks before delivery, so I stopped at about 34 weeks, and let me tell you, those hip pain… mmmmmhhh! They are painful! They hurt all.the.time! It hurts when you walk, when you take a big leap, when you toss and turn in bed. It hurts all.the.time! So I thought I would share some poses that has helped me during my third trimester of pregnancy!

  • Pigeon pose

Start with downward facing dog, inhale your right leg up towards the sky for three-legged dog, exhaled bring your right knee over to meet your right wrist. Try to get your right shin parallel to the edges of your mat as much as you possibly can. The left leg is now flat on the floor. You can now start to fold over your shin. Depending on your body, if you have very flexible hip you might be able to lay your forehead on the floor, if not you can use your forearm for support. Stay in this pose for at least 5 deep breaths, then switch side

  • Wide-knee child’s pose

I absolutely love this pose! It helped ease my lower back AND helped take the weight off the belly! Start with your knees wide towards the edges of your mat, fold forward, and just breathe. Breathe and release

  • Wide-angle seated forward bend

This is a love/hate pose for me. I hate getting into it, but I love how it feels after i am done. Start with your legs wide open, as wide as you can. Take a deep inhale, exhale fold forward. If you have a yoga block bandy I recommend you use one. This will help support the upper body more and will make for an easier fold

  • Low-lunge side twist

When I was pregnant, gaawwdd I would kill for a good twist! You don’t realize how much you miss a certain thing until it’s gone! With this pose you can modify, bring your knee down for support if needed, or if you want to bring in some heat, lift the knee up, and use all the muscles in your legs and core to help keep the knee up

  • Supported bridge

I LOVE back bends! And omg I missed it so much when I was pregnant. I tried to do it several times, like wheel …nope, wasn’t happening. But, I absolutely love supported bridge. I would do this at night even, when my husband and I would be just watching tv 😂. It seriously released all the tension in my lower back.

I hope you’ll find these poses helpful! There are many many more! I will try to blog 5 more poses that I think will be helpful this weekend!

Much love!

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