5 questions you must know the answer to when deciding on day care vs. nanny

I have quite a few friends that are expecting their first baby in the fall and I could not be happier for them! As I was catching up with an old friend the other night, she was asking me a lot of questions about day care and nanny and all things related. So I thought I would I share with you guys the 5 tips that helped me decided on whether to go with a day care or nanny. I hope you’ll find these tips helpful when it’s your turn to make the decision 🤗 

  • Work schedule – what is your and the hubs work schedule like? Do you typically work day shift or is it mostly in the afternoon? Or is it both? Day care usually open for 12 hours Monday – Friday, from about 6-630 am to 6-630 pm. With my work schedule there was 2 days out of the week that I would have to close at work and so 2 out of the 5 days I couldn’t pick up Jax from day care. And my husband typically doesn’t get off until 8 or so and of course he can’t pick up Jax either, so I needed somebody to pick up Jax once day care closes and take him back home and stay with him until my husband gets home. So think about your work, can either you or your husband pick up the baby?
  • Flexibility – this is a hard one. Flexibility in the work place. If the day care calls you in the middle of the day, do you have the flexibility to leave work and go pick up the baby? For me, I couldn’t leave right away every time the day care calls. So Jax would have to stay there until I was able to leave, and that was really hard on everyone. The daycare would have to spend extra attention to him until I can pick him up and of course that leaves you at work worrying about your baby! And babies get sick easily! Jax got sick about once a month up. It’s good that he’s building up his immune system, yes but I hate it when he gets sick 😭
  • Weekends and holidays –  if your job doesn’t require you to work weekends and/or holidays then whew! Dodge this one! Unfortunately, both of our jobs required us to work on both. I have to work every other weekend and well..my husband works knows no weekend. 😑 we needed somebody to watch Jax on the weekend that we both work and so again, this is where a nanny would be ideal! 
  • Location – where is the day care? Is it better if it’s close to home or close to work? That all really depends on who will be doing most of the dropping off / picking up. For me, it was either me or our nanny, and the area that I was working at I wasn’t too fond of and so it was just easier to find a day care that was closer to our home.
  • Trust your instincts – you are a mom! Trust your motherly instincts! What you think is best, is probably the best and right decision. Have faith in the process!

 Let me know what you decide on!! It’s an important decision, I know! If you have come across other tips that you’ve find helpful let me know! I will definitely need it the next time I have a kid.. haha! 😂😍😘❤️

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