Wowzers!! It’s been almost a week since I was on here last! Holy crap time flies!! I’ll just catch you guys up to what I’ve been up to! 

So my day time job is in full swing! And it has made me realized how much I miss this little babe of mine whenever I’m at work! And so this week whenever I wasn’t working, I’ve been spending every minute with him! He knows so many things now and understands so many things! He rooked his first few steps this week! A walking man! 😭😭😭 since when did he become so big??!!

I’ve been so caught up with all the social network stuff lately….I forgot why I started a blog in the first place.. and then i remembered what my husband said to me… ‘document your days’ . So I’ve decided to do just that today. There’s no tips or reviews or guides in this post here, just spamming y’all with my fam details 🤗🤗 

The hubs had a hard last couple of weeks, mainly being busy with work, and being on call. But he is starting an elective tomorrow and so the next 4 weeks should be easier! He told me the other day of how he saved a life of a 7 year old girl who was brought to the hospital for choking on a hot dog! 😣😣 it was just a regular Friday night you guys and me and sweet baby Jax was chilling at home and the hub saving lives . Haha! #ourlivestories 

Cheers ❤️❤️

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