5 tips on how to maximize your workout motivation game 

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a little bit ‘sluggish’ lately so my work out game have not been strong! Let’s just say the number of time I actually had some sort of exercise in a day would be less than a handful within the last 3 weeks 😣😣 . Finding motivation is definitely a hard thing, especially working full time and being a mom/wifey, it can be hard to find the energy! I have found the following 5 things to has helped me get my motivational game back on:

• keep a log : start putting down what you are doing each day. Whether it be from an app or actually write it down in a notebook. You will begin to see how you progress overtime and seeing this will help with motivation as you’ll want to keep up! 

• get the latest hits : I think a good playlist goes along way! So I either run or do yoga. If I’m practicing yoga I would want a more relaxing vibes tunes so acoustic covers on Spotify is my go-to play list. If I am running, I would want something more upbeat – I’ve been obsessing with hits from the 90s lately so I’ve been playing more of those on my run 🤗😘 

• set realistic expectations : okay so yes we all want to do it all, be super mom and never miss a day of working out, but let’s be honest here, if I am working a couple of 12 hours shifts in a row, I’m probably not going to have enough energy to work out so most likely I won’t. And it’s okay! You have to listen to your body! It is whatever your body needs and definitely, more often than not, your body just needs some rest. 

• have goals : this is why keeping a log is so great! I really think it helps if you can somehow visualize the goals that you have for yourself, so you can see how you can accomplish them! Each time I get on the mat, I always have a different intentions, of why I’m there physicially, emotionally and spiritually. Keeping a log has helped me see how I had evolved over time as a person and as a yogini.

• make your workout work for you : if you don’t want to do it then why are you doing it? Have a purpose! Have an intention! Each day is different and so each day, make a workout that will work for you and your schedule and how you feel! Overall, this is your workout. ‘ what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ 😍😘 

Cheers ❤️❤️

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