First timer’s guide in NYC

Oh my gosh it has been super crazy these past couple of weeks! I started training at my new job and then my family came to visit, which was amazing by the way. I will definitely try to be more consistent from now on! 

Since my family came to visit, we had planned on going to New York City because none of us has ever been! When I first got to New York City I hated it. Everywhere was crowded, you’d either be walking a lot and taking the subway or being in a car and stuck in the traffic. But by the time we left, I was really starting to like it more and was sad to be leaving.  Below is a list of things we planned for our trip that we thought worked out really well:

• Airbnb rather than hotel – really gives you an idea of what’s it like being a New Yorker 

• know when to use Uber vs. walking – if it’s 2-3 miles and on a summer day, you might as well uber and save yourself from the insanely hot sun 

•know your area – google map is amazing!! You can zoom in / out to see what’s around your area and really get to know the city! The place we stayed at was actually only less than a mile from the infamous FRIENDS apartment and the Washington arch!

• plan extra time for traveling – regardless if you’re using the subway, Uber or walking, always plan extra time! 

• plan ahead, but be realistic – New York City is a very busy city, it can be 17 miles away but it will take an hour of driving to get there, so plan things by locations 

• try new food!!! – oh my gosh so my husband said he wanted noodles and so I yelp a noodle restaurant in china town that got really good review!! So we decided to go there, the restaurant can probably seat 15-20 people maximum, very small, family owned, but the food, was delicious!! It even got featured on the food network!

Alright you guys, that’s all I can think of! If anybody has any other ideas please let me know!!

Much love ❤️❤️

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