mistakes I’ve made as a new mom regarding nursing – don’t do what I did!

So breastfeeding was hard! It was like a full time job! I’m very glad I was able to nurse Jax as long as I did. I nursed him until about 6 months with 2-3 bottles of formula starting at 4 months so he was exclusively breastfed for the first 3 months. The first mistake that I made:

• introduced the bottle too early

I was scared that he would be hungry and so I was obsessed about how much he was drinking. And you can’t tell with breastfeeding! And so I started to introduce the bottle after about 3 weeks. With the bottle, I knew how much he was drinking – big mistake!!

The flow of the bottle vs nursing is different! And so once he was used to the bottle, he didn’t want to nurse! He would only take milk from the bottle. So I was exclusively pumping!! My husband said I should’ve waited until he was at least 5 weeks out.

•did not pump out the rest of the milk

I was making a good amount of milk! And I was afraid I wouldn’t make any from the beginning 😑 and Jax was little, and so every time I nursed him there would still be milk left. You can feel it ladies, right?

I should’ve pumped out the rest of the milk and stored them because as he continued to take the bottle and I continued to pump, my supply was decreasing dramatically. Nursing is the most effective way to release the milk ducts.

As it gets closer to his first birthday, I’ve been thinking back a lot about what I did and what I would’ve done differently. I’ll continue to share my first year experience as a new mom for sure!


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