Cold remedies 

My poor baby is sick, again!! Ugh I just hate it when they’re sick! It is different from last time–he doesn’t have a cough but instead a low grade temperature and some red spots! My husband isn’t concerned…he said it’s most likely a virus and it’ll go away (he’s said that every time! And it has turned out to be true… every time).

He’s a little bit sluggish and is not as active as he usually is..and also doesn’t like to eat a lot when he’s sick 🙁

I’ve only given him Tylenol for the fever and Zyrtec since he keeps getting a runny nose. I have not tried any other products since I don’t think it’ll help him. If you’ve tried something and it works, please do share!!

Less than 2 weeks until my sweet baby is 1 year old!! I ordered the cake yesterday! Kinda excited…but kinda sad… really just a whole lot of mixtures of feelings really.. 😑😑

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