The countdown continues

The countdown to his first birthday continues!! These pictures are from 3 months to possibly 5 months or so 😚 I absolutely love the last picture! He was actually staying home with Dad while I was at work. Looks like he had a great time!!

He’s been fighting off a cold these past couple of days 🙁 I hate it when they’re sick! Especially the cough! Ugh the cough is the worst because there’s not much you can do to help them with it! I am skeptical about homeopathic remedies. I don’t think they work that well. I have given him Zarbee’s cough and mucous remedies in the past and found it to be not very helpful.  However, I have found that nasal saline irrigation and humidifier has helped greatly!

The nasal saline irrigation will help with the stuffy nose and helps clear the nasal passage and will result in less runny nose. The warm mist of the humidifier helps ease his lungs and throats and makes it easier for him to breath and less coughing. It can be any humidifier but I would recommend using the warm mist and not the cold mist.

I hope he gets better by Thursday so we can go for our second swim!! Has any mom used other homeopathic products and found it to be helpful? If yes please do share! I would love to try it!


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