Three weeks!!

In just 3 short weeks my sweet baby here will be 1! How can this be?? How can he be 1 already??! Looking at his baby pictures made me wish he was that little again, well.. maybe like half 😂

They grow so fast, and as I keep looking at his baby pictures I really do wish I could turn back time. But we can’t do that, life only moves forward. What we can do instead is treasure each moment!

Although I keep saying that, I still often find myself get wrapped up in worrying about the future, about the what ifs, or about how I could go back to a certain time in life. So I have to constantly remind myself to just be here. Be present. Be with my baby, my family and friends. Because these moments literally only happen once! And life moves on and it goes away!

He is starting to understand quite a few things now, including the phone! And how there’s all these pictures and bright colors and it makes noise?? And so from now on, I will try to be “hands free” whenever I’m around him as much as possible! Hands free of iPhone, iPad, laptop. Just to be with him!

Happy Saturday y’all! Enjoy the weekend with your loved ones and enjoy the moments!!

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