How much food does/should an 11 months old eat??!

Okay so my sweet baby Jax will be 11 months old in 2 days, and for the past few days he has not been eating as much!! I’m getting kind of worried because I don’t want him to lose weight!

I have been making him baby food for him to eat ever since he was about 7 months old or so. It has all the essential nutrients that he needs, including proteins, carbs and all sorts of vegetables. And he’s been eating it just fine, but for the past couple of days, he has been refusing his food!! I did try to switch it up a little and tried noodles instead of rice, I tried macaroni and cheese, I tried not putting in vegetables to see if he will eat it, but no luck!!

He will only eat a few bites and then he shakes his head and refuses to eat anymore! If I do somehow get food in his mouth he will spit it out. He doesn’t even eat his muffin in the morning like he used to ☹️

My in-laws are in town and are staying with us for the rest of the week, and so I’m thinking and hoping maybe its because he sees more people and he thinks it’s fun and so is not eating as much?

Anybody else has any suggestions or ideas of how I can trick my baby into eating more regularly?? I don’t want my baby to be skinny!


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