I believe that each and every one of us were put on this earth for a reason. We each have our own “weirdness”, our own personality, our own quirks. However, as we continue to grow and mature, we somehow have this image in our head of how we should act, what we should be, what we should wear and do this and do that etc etc. Where did all that come from?

I saw a video on Facebook and it had Justin Timberlake and Ed Sheeran and a few other stars that talked about how weird they were when they were little. Ed Sheeran straight out said “I was a very very weird kid”, but look at him now! There isn’t a single person that doesn’t know his name or his famous hit single “Thinking Out Loud”

What if we could live in a world where it is safe to share what we are passionate about without fear of judgment? Where we could be our true selves and that alone would be the reason we are loved. Where our value is based solely on the level of our authenticity.

What if we were encouraged to be different? Where being different was not a default of character but rather a special gift we were given to share. What if what made you different was actually what you were born to offer to the rest of the world?

I want live in a world where I get to see everyone’s gifts. I want to see what makes you different. I want to live in a world where you and I are sharing our differences with open arms and know that authenticity will always be met with love.

Let’s try and do that together, one step at a time. Let’s tell each other how we feel, even when it hurts. Let’s unmask the shame that keeps us from standing out as different.

Replace the judgment with curiosity. Reshape the comparisons into support. Let’s make the world a place where our truth is the only thing that matters.

Let’s heal the world together, “for our children, and our children’s children”.


4 thoughts on “Individuality 

  1. First of all, beautiful beautiful beautiful photography. Thanks so much for sharing! I love your content and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Check me out sometime?

    Mena from 🌷

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