In my arms

My sweet baby Jax, I carry you for more than just 9 months.  I carry you when I do laundry, when I’m cleaning, and even when I’m trying to put on make up.

When you were in my belly, I loved all the kicks and jabs and hiccups! Then you came into the world, you laid perfectly on my chest as we shared our very first few minutes together.  I remember every seconds of it.  You smiled when I said ‘hi baby’ .  The feelings of having you in my arms, looking at me and smiling, is indescribable.  It is simply amazing, there is nothing like it.

You are growing so fast! I am so happy that I can still carry you, for one day you will be too big for me to carry or will not want me to carry you;  instead you will just walk with me. The feelings will not be the same, so for now, I will cherish each moments that I get to carry you in my arms. DSC_0244

P.S. He is almost 21 lbs now…so he’s getting pretty heavy you guys. It’s definitely a work out carrying him around. Haha!

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