These simple moments 

As I was sitting at my parents restaurant, surrounded by my siblings and cousins, I kept asking them “what should I blog about today?”, and for a good while that was all I could think about. What topic? Under what category? What pictures to put up? What hashtags should I use? Ahhhh!

And then I realized, it was right in front of me. I was so worried about what to blog about that I’m missing these moments with my family. I was missing out on the jokes, the laughters, the weird lady on instagram or the overly affectionate on Snapchat.

A lot of time, we overlook the most simple things in life, because of whatever reasons and we don’t realize it. These moments only happen once, whether it’s with our family or friends or whoever. The laughters about a particular joke will not be the same the second time around. So be present, wherever you are. Be all you!

So maybe the contents of this post is irrelevant, and perhaps not the most useful post, but hey, it’s okay. It’s just a blog 😉!

Much love to all! ❤️❤️

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