Nanny or day care

So you’re going back to work soon, and it is frightening to think about where will your baby be? Who can you trust? And how do you know if they are genuinely good? And what about the money? Day care is can be expensive but will having a nanny be better?

A lot of factors come into play when deciding between the two. If you can afford a nanny, I’d say go for it.  Keep in mind that most nanny will run you about 1700-2300 monthly and you will have to sign a contract with them. Think about it, this is their job, so they would also want some sort of stability.  Having a nanny is very nice, you don’t have to worry about taking your kid to day care before work or picking him up after work; and the nanny can help with light chores around the house as well.

That being said, it doesn’t necessary means that day care is bad.  Jax is at a day care and I I love the teachers in his classroom.  They made my transition from maternity leave to going back to work so easy and I feel comfortable leaving him there.  However, day care has strict rules when it comes to a sick kids, especially sick babies! They would send him home if anything is wrong with him; for example, they once sent him home because he was pooping too much, and they were afraid that it might have been a virus or bacteria and that he would need a doctor’s note to return.  Every time they send him home, I would have to take him to the pediatrician and he is fine every time! Every single time! So it can be quite annoying if you’re keep getting all these phone calls while you’re at work.  I still believe that I picked a good day care for Jax. I looked at and visited several other different day care before deciding on this one.

Jax currently go to day care during the week and he also has a nanny as well.  On some weekends both me and my husband has to work and so Jax would stay home with the nanny.  I love my nanny.  I highly recommend looking into and to find your nanny there.  Of course, we interviewed a few people before deciding to go with our nanny.  We are thinking of hiring her on full time in the near future and so Jax will just stay home with the nanny.

Each family is different.  At the end of the day, you have to do what you think is best for your baby and for your family.  I hope this article helps a little bit on the topic of day care or nanny.  If you have questions and I did not addressed them feel free to send me an email!


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