Jax and Daddy 

A lady once asked me “so what’s it like living with a surgeon?” There were so many things that I wanted to say but I responded with “it’s interesting”

My husband is finishing up his second year as a general surgery resident at Sinai Hospital and will go right into his third year starting July. It is a 6 years program with a year a research and of course, there’s also fellowship after. So when they say it takes forever to become a doctor, it literally takes forever! Haha!

I’ve also been asked a few times if his life resembles anything like the popular TV show Grey’s Anatomy?! It is nothing like that! Although he told me there’s just as much drama 🙂 . He works tirelessly and endlessly every day. He starts at 530 in the morning and doesn’t get home until 8, sometimes even later if there’s an emergency case. He has to do 24 hours shift, where he goes in in the morning and doesn’t get off until the next day. Sometimes he starts his day off pronouncing somebody dead whereas other days he would spend the entire day in the OR saving people’s lives!

I don’t expect him to be on time for dinner. Rarely is he ever on time. But dinner time is when we eat together; so for us, dinner time is whenever he gets home.

But no matter how busy or tired he is, when he comes home, he is just my husband and Jax’s daddy. He still loves to play video games just like anybody else and kiss us goodnight every night. He is our everything and I don’t know what we would do without him ❤️❤️💕😘

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