The ❤️ land

Finally made it back to Nebraska! Jax was a champ on the airplane! The first flight he slept the whole time, almost didn’t want to wake up to get off the plane! The second flight was a shorter flight and so Jax was up and played the whole time! He didn’t cry at all! He was very interested in his surroundings and was all smiles towards everyone!

I love my new diaper bag from Fawn Design! It is the best you guys! There are many compartments both inside and outside! You can use it as a backpack or as a cross body bag! It is super versatile and it comes in many different colors!! I never wanted a traditional diaper bag, so at first I got a bag from Pottery Barn kids; it was more of a tote bag with some compartments in it. It is still very durable; however it was very hard to find things!! Everything fell down to the bottom and so it was hard to get things when you need it fast; like a diaper!

Jax is enjoying all the attention he is getting; and as for me, I am enjoying taking a “break” from being a mom ❤️😊 …okay okay just for tonight.

Much love to all! ❤️❤️❤️

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