Baby food, it’s a love/hate relationship really 

So Jax can pretty much eat anything now except for honey, of course. He has 8 teeth that I can see and he loves to eat pretty much anything and everything 😊

When he first started eating solids, I just gave him the fruits and vegetables that was already ready. I find that Gerber makes the fruits puréed most delicious compare to other brand, but as far as vegetables goes, Plum Organics is the way to go!

Introducing meat to him was a bit difficult, he did not like it at first but he is now loving it! I don’t know about you ladies but I find that the already made baby food that contains meat in it at the store doesn’t taste very good! And I tried several brands! And it doesn’t contain a lot of meat either, so there’s not enough protein in 1 feeding. So I have been making my own baby food for my sweet babe!

I will share some of the food that I’ve been making for him as well as which baby food blender I recommend. Jax loves the food that I make. It is super easy and it keeps him full for longer and it’s healthy as well!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Every time Jax get sick, both me and my husband gets sick 😷😑. So we’ve been a sick family this past weekend! Haha. I’m sure yours was better!

Much love to all! ❤️❤️

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