Dream big

Happy Friday!! What are you guys’ plans for the weekend??! For sure I thought I would be able to blog earlier today but of course..not happening!!

My poor baby Jax woke up with a cough, runny nose and slight fever 😫😫.  I hate it when they get sick!! Especially the cough, because there is nothing you can do to help with the cough! Yes there are homeopathic remedies but I am a non believer in those… what do you guys think? Has any home remedies work for your little ones? I have been given him Tylenol to help with the fever 🤒. It will get worst before it gets better. I hope tomorrow he will feel better!

On a different note, so both of my parents has 6 sister and brothers, so of course I have 328462 cousins 😊 . A very much special shout out to my dearest cousin Diane today for graduating from college! Whoot! She’s an architecture now you guys!! I told her she can design my dream house later and I will pay her good money 😂😂 . If that ever happens, but hey, we can dream right? I never thought I would be a pharmacist and I’m pretty sure I freaked out when I found out I was pregnant but hey, look at me now!

Good night everyone! Tomorrow I will definitely post earlier! I am determined!

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