Be still, my heart 

I told myself I would try to blog earlier during the evening today and I have been telling myself that for the past few nights but let’s face it.. it’s not happening.

So one of the memories from Facebook popped up earlier today and it was when our wedding got published in the Nebraska magazine! I was in Nebraska at that time and Jax was still in my belly. ❤️

So many things has happened in just 1 year! And can you believe that it’s May already? I don’t know about you, but I feel like this year is just flying by!

Which is why I am so thankful to spend as much time with Jax as I possibly can. Each day is different with him. He made me aware today that he can now pull the books off the shelves 😑 so we will have to start baby proofing this place soon huh!?! Haha!

Every time after I put him to bed, I’d always spend a few extra minutes just looking at him. 40% of me still can’t believe I have a 10 months old while 60% of me is so grateful and blessed to have him in my life.

I’m a bit jealous that he can sleep so peaceful and soundly, does anybody else feel the same way? With not a thing in a world to worry about. So still.

“In love ❤️ and light ”

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