co-sleeping; we’ve all done it…right?

Okay so ever since I had little Jax, he’s been sleeping with me. I thought it would be easier especially in the beginning as I was nursing. So months after months, of course Jax is now used to sleeping with M O M M A!

We even got him the dock-a-tot to tried and transition him into sleeping by himself but he G R E W O U T of it quickly! He rolls all over the place even when he’s sleeping so he rolled right out of the dock-a-tot.

Last night, as usual, I heard him started crying so I got up to go get his bottle ( I should mention that he still feeds throughout the night, every 3 hours or so).  I was gone for not even 20 seconds and I heard a small noise and J A X ‘s scream and so I ran back into the room to find out he had rolled right off the bed and onto the floor 😦

My P O O R B A B Y hit his nose and got a scratch on his forehead. And his nose started bleeding for a bit! My husband was on-call at the hospital and so of course I was home by myself with the B A B E. My heart ached seeing the blood coming out of his nose.

So we’ve decided to have him sleep in his crip from now on. N O G O I N G B A C K! But he is used to sleeping with momma now, so ladies, how did you do it? How did you transition your baby from co-sleeping to sleeping in the crib? and did it break your heart not sleeping with your baby anymore?

Although he got a scratched on his forehead, he was still a champ for picture day today at daycare. The teachers said he did a good job 🙂

“G O O D N I G H T noises everywhere”

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