There’s a first time for everything

Originally I’m from N E B R A S K A, moved to Baltimore in June 2015, 3 days after our wedding so my husband could start his residency.

About a year later we had our first baby B O Y, Jaxson Cameron!

First time away from my family, first time in a brand new city, first time working full time, and of course, first time with a N E W B O R N B A B Y! Jax is now nearly 10 months old and he is learning many things around his surroundings as much as we are learning from him. He is getting mobile and is moving quite fast so trying to catch him is not nearly as easy as before.

My husband is a general surgery resident which totally sucks because he is barely home and so he can only help out on his days off (which is pretty rare). So F O L L O W M E and read my stories, as I attempt to be a full time working mom while raising this sweet babe with my husband right here in B A L T I M O R E.

I have to say, we are truly blessed to have Jax in our lives!

C H E E R S !!

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